Parameter, Algorithm and Nature

This installation uses industrial robot performing and/with generative art animation in cyclorama. In Dandelion session, exploring growing morphologies of dandelion-like patterns generated by using computational mechanisms of symmetry, self-organization, recursion and fractal for present growth graphics based on a mass of overlapping lines. In Swarm session, The robot realtime communicates with the artificial life creature by its mechanical movement.  It realtime interact/stimulus with virtual content through the embedded computational mechanism of distributed behavior,  defuse the swarm geometrical animation. Through investigate the generative rules and algorithmic mechanism, which led to express this computational aesthetics in Parameter, Algorithm and Nature.  

In growth dandelion section, artists coding generative rules of symmetry into a fractal tree like algorithm, altering and changing the geometric description of leaves and branches through the parameter and the proportion between the two, resulting in a diverse and complex morphologies.  

In swarm movement section, artists design the local communication mechanism on a specific geodesic-like grid as cellular automata machine, make the feathers perform distributed behaviors, triggered by the data flow on each grid. The industrial robot plays mechanical movement in the central of the space with holding laser pen on its 6-axis, and pointing light spot on to the screen surface, realtime interact/stimulus feathers by grid computing mechanism, therefore generate swarm behavior in animation.  

In the performance shape are free from the restrictions and limitations of the physical world and therefore present a sense of computational aesthetics that is complex and abstract. The industrial robot plays as an in-between medium, brings seamless interaction from physical performance into triggering virtual reactions of A-Life behavior, and brings a hybrid creation logic between “biologic design” and “biomimetic aesthetics.”

Art Director, Animation/
Scottie Chih-Chieh Huang
Creative Robotics Director/
Shih-Yuan Wnag
Yi-Ping Yang, James Giroudon

該作品使用工業機器人結合360度環場投影的音像藝術,將機械手臂與虛擬影像同步互動,發展跨領域科技藝術表演。在蒲公英圖像表現的部分,藝術家運用數學對稱性、歸遞機制、碎形樹等邏輯,發展蒲公英仿生圖形的生長形態與開花的意象表現。在群體運動的部分,機械手臂透過工業化的機械動態,指揮著雷射光筆的指向與投射,與衍生藝術動畫即時通訊互動。藉由細胞自動機(cellular automata)的資訊傳遞機制,產生仿生性的群體運動效果,使得數以萬計的線條在交互重疊的視覺表現下,時以交互排斥、時以相互漣漪作用著的運動,表現凍結時空般的流體運動。在由生成規則和演算法產生的衍生動畫,與機械手臂精密機械又華麗的運動,以及詭異的電子聲響音樂背景中,展現了一種無違和感的人造自然場景。

All images and videos courtesy Scottie Chih-Chieh Huang and The NTHU BioLogicDesign.