Petals2021 —
Petals-ITTTS (Interconnective Transformable Tensegrity Timber Structure) is a specific tansegrity sculpture, detects the informations from environmental temperature, sunlight, and humidity, in order to control shape-changing and embedded lighting doing petal-like performance, create a mutual dialogue between residents and ecological information in public.

Dandelion Series Dandelion Mirror >>
Sensitive Floral >>
2014 —
An interactive generative art, used bionic mechanisms of algorithmic design to study generative rules for visual performance as nature morphology.

Algorithmic Nature in Robotic Calligraphy2024 —
Explores the integration of generative graphics and robotic calligraphic drawing to materialize intricate digital patterns.

Parameter, Algorithm and Nature
with Shih-Yuan Wang
2020 —
This installation uses industrial robot as an in-between medium, interacting with swarm behaviors of artificial life in cyclorama, brings seamless communication from physical  performance into virtual world.  

Volta 2015 — 2021
Volta is an alternative table design, inspired by the rib vault of the cathedral. The design of the table legs refers to the structure’s arched structure column. In the night lighting mode, through the refraction and reflection between its inside light source and the half-reflective glass used on the desktop, the object can project the beauty of the arched building into the indoor environment in the form of light and shadow.

2016 —
An installation that embodies the emotion from private heartbeat pulse into lighting rhythms, creating an alternative way to visualize bio-information with aesthetics.

Pinecone2015 — 2016
This kinetic sculpture used pneumatic system by compressed air, cylinder, and foldable structure, to display geometrical tessilation from a flate surface into  folding curve, showing shape-changing of artifical nature.

All images and videos courtesy Scottie Chih-Chieh Huang and The NTHU BioLogicDesign.